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UKRD Coronavirus Update

Research is the only exit strategy and core to the Government’s Covid-19 plan.

UKRD is supporting the NHS R&D leadership community and working with UK Government to prioritise national research in response to the pandemic.

UKRD is a community of Research & Development Leaders with responsibility to Board for the R&D Function in their NHS organisation 

Who we are


Welcome to the UKRD website. We are a community of R&D Leaders in the NHS, colleagues with responsibility to Board for the R&D function in their NHS organisation. UKRD brings R&D Leaders together to be powerful influencers of change, positively impacting health research for public and patient benefit. We bring together senior NHS R&D Leaders from the diverse range of NHS organisations with a view to collective enterprise and developing an evidence base for the delivery of clinical research.

Dr Nick McNally, UKRD Chair
Managing Director Research, UCLH/UCL

Latest news from UKRD

Reflecting on UKRD Summit 2024 – connecting local to drive the health and care research system

It’s been just over a week since we gathered for the 2024 UKRD Summit
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A joint letter for the R&D community on the process of Research Network Delivery service design

The Research and Development Forum (RDF), the University Hospital Association (UHA) and UKRD are
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DHSC meeting update: December 2023

In mid-December, members of the UKRD community met with Mark Toal, Deputy Director of
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UKRD Resources

NHS R&D has played a vital part in developing new treatments and vaccines for COVID19. We’ve collated essential resources for the research community here.

Each NHS organisation approached Restart differently, with innovative solutions seen across the country. Read our case studies on ‘Restarting Research’ here.

At UKRD we are proud to work with a number of NHS partners, including NIHR and the R&D Forum. Discover some of our collaborative projects here.

The UKRD Community is a valuable source of insight on how to deliver research in the NHS. Read our survey reports detailing feedback from R&D Leaders across the UK.

Discover detail on our R&D community. Read  about our purpose and mission and find out about our annual summit here.

CQC inspections of NHS organisations now include research. See our latest resources on the inclusion of clinical research within the CQC framework.
Bringing together over 200 R&D Leaders across the UK. Visit our map to find out who they are.

R&D Leaders are working together to shape research in the NHS. Find out what our Working Groups are up to here.