Promoting excellence​

UKRD (UK Research & Development) is a representative body for research in the NHS, promoting excellence, discipline and professional development within R&D leadership. In consultation with our members, we enable high quality research, develop and share best practice and clear standards, and help the financial sustainability of NHS R&D through our support of trusts and commercial partners. 

UKRD promoting excellence

Mission statement

Bringing R&D leaders together to be powerful influencers of change, positively impacting health research for public and patient benefit

Leadership Dyad

At the core of our work is the promotion of the R&D Leadership Dyad, a successful pairing of Managers and Directors in a working couplet to ensure a multi-dimensional perspective.

The end goal of all our work is always to achieve quicker, quality clinical research for the benefit of NHS patients.

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UKRD community map

UKRD Community

View our community map to see the full UKRD membership, made up of NHS Trusts and Organisations across the UK.

UKRD Leadership Team